• Ossie Dales, ''Purrfect'' (2000)

    "Who, over the last fifty years, would you put on the list of the sexiest women: Monroe, Dietrich, and Bardot for sure, Jane Russell, and Sophie Loren too. And who in that period could lay claim to the fame of a 'gay icon'? Well Shirley Bassey, Dorothy Squires, Alma Cogan and definitely Judy Garland. But there is one, and only one, who walk away with both titles. Not for nothing did Orson Welles describe her in the Fifties as the world's most exciting woman, and when her records were heard in the gay clubs the world over in the Eighties, the name on everyon's lips was the same - Eartha Kitt.

    Ossie Dales, "Purrfect" (2000)

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