• Jack O'Brian, ''Down to Eartha'' (1955)

    "Fisrt of all, Eartha Kitt has a voice which is her own, her very own signature; it

    can be imitated, which is good, but never duplicated, which is better.
          "The voice has a carefully developed feline feeling, also exceptionally useful for
    suggesting more than customarily meets the ear when any singer displays tonsils for
    pay. The voice itself has a clearly discernible vibrato which is part of its high
    recognizability quotient; once you've heard it you hardly may mistake it for anyone
    else's. Its vibrati is not so broad as to suggest a musical shortcoming, as aging
    larynxes on the part of operatic soloists have a habit of doing. Its vibrati run so tightly
    together that it becomes a clear help instead of an artistic hindrance. Eartha projects it
     with agreat deal of mood whithin its vibrating limitations, if there are actually any
    limitations to her attitude, which also is part of the plot for success".
    Jack O'Brian, "Down to Eartha" (1955)

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    Mardi 8 Mars 2016 à 09:31
    Un article intéressant comme le vôtre. Il est assez jolie digne pour moi. Merci pour le partage
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