• An Englishman needs time (Michael Treford / DeNys) - 1962

    Because as you've guessed I'm continental
    Romantic and sentimental
    I look on love as something of an art
    But I've found that nationalities
    Have different formalities
    When dealing with affairs of the heart
    Now the Spaniards need a soft guitar
    and a balcony to climb
    While the Portuguese need the breeze in the trees
    But an Englishman needs time
    The Italians long for an operatic song
    or a  soft Sicilian rhyme
    Well, the French fall in love
    at the drop of a glove
    But an Englishman needs time
    He'll admit to attraction
    but show no reaction
    His lips never part in a sigh
    What goes on in his breast
    is completely supressed
    by the weight of his old school tie
    The Vienese need a waltz by Strauss
    or a glokenspiel to sweet chime
    While the Dutch begin
    with a bottle of gin
    but an Englishman needs time
    A New-Yorker's need
    is variety and speed
    But how the West they are more sublime
    At a Hollywood ball, they need nothing at all
    but an Englishman needs time
    He will meet you maybe Monday night
    But unless he's quite unique
    He will call you up around Wednesday noon
    you'll get flowers Thursday week
    Though you'll have to wait
    He may work up to a date
    but if he's real mad for you
    He will tenderly say
    'you look smashing today'
    and invite you to the zoo
    When you think it's all over
    this mad Casanova
    arrives in a purposeful way
    but if he mentions sport,
    no it's not what you thought
    it's to watch him play cricket all day
    Now in Persia they need seven veils
    for a sultan in his prime
    while an Eskimo
    needs a whole lot of snow
    but an Englishman needs time
    Now, I love all those Englishmen
    but you must admit
    they are terribly Anglo-Saxon
    But after all is said and done
    and the battle is finally won
    Baby, let's contemplate
    Who wouldn't wait
    for an Englishman
    He takes his time

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    Jeudi 28 Juillet 2016 à 18:30

    Merci pour le partage, pour moi des commentaires très constructifs.

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